At California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (2007-Current):

Introduction to Sociology
Qualitative Research Methods 
Contemporary Social Problems 
Classical Sociology Theory
Contemporary Sociology Theory
Social Stratification and Inequality
Politics as Social Institution 
Social Movements

Urban Sociology
Senior Seminar

Student-related events: 

Lowell Overton 3rd Undergraduate Symposium
Lowell Overton 4th Undergraduate Symposium
Lowell Overton 5th Undergraduate Symposium
Lowell Overton 6th Undergraduate Symposium 
Lowell Overton 7th Undergraduate Symposium
Lowell Overton 8th Undergraduate Symposium

At California State University, Long Beach (2005-2007):

Juvenile Delinquency
Contemporary Sociology Theory
Sociology of Sexual Behavior
Introduction to Sociology

At University of California, Santa Cruz (2000-2003)

Contemporary Sociology Theory
Issues and Problems in American Society
Drugs and Society
Introduction to Sociology
Logic and Methods of Social Inquiry
World Society and Globalization

At California State University, Los Angeles (1997-2000):

Principles of Sociology
Writing for Sociology
Sociology Research Methods

Additional Resources:

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